Small and Medium Enterprises

SME segment's contribution to India's economic growth has been significant. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a vital role for the growth of Indian economy by contributing 45% of industrial output, 40% of exports, employing 60 million people, create 1.3 million jobs every year and produce more than 8000 quality products for the Indian and international markets.

SME's Contribution towards GDP in 2011 was 17% which is expected to increase to 22% by 2012. There are approximately 30 million MSME Units in India and 12 million persons are expected to join the workforce in the next 3 years.

SME segment in India are currently facing a number of challenges. Some of them are - absence of adequate and timely funding, non-availability of suitable technology, ineffective marketing due to limited resources and non availability of skilled manpower.

We help SME in overcoming some of these challenges such as training their manpower, planning their HR strategy, doing their training need assessment, proposing the annual plan for L&D and implementing it. We work in sync with the Management team to come up with a good plan. We also help SME in business development and marketing their services for B2B environment.