Employee Engagement

Employee attrition rate in Indian Employment market on an average is around 20 – 30%. In sectors like IT and BPO, it is as high as 60 – 70%. There are a lot of challenges faced by the large corporate. Some of the most prevalent factors are abundance of jobs for the skilled professional, employers not being able to engage their employees, incompetent manager.

Most of the young professional entering the corporate life, work in a high pressured environment dedicating long hours to their work. This has become acceptable in the cultural context. There is a lack of work life balance in their lives. These professionals working such long hours have certain expectation from their mangers. Their employers think higher monetary benefits are the answer to keeping the workforce engaged. They are wrong in thinking so. However, when the managers are involved in the personal well-being of the employees, the employees have performed better at their respective jobs.

Some of the common employee engagement activities that we are promoting in employee engagement space are: team building, team bonding, hobby workshops, fun workshops, celebrating special days such as women's day, boss's day, internal competitions etc.