Marketing & Business Development Activity

Sales drive your business, without sales you have no business. Sales is about building relationships of trust, and EMERGINC build relationships of trust by finding common ground. Knowing your offering is okay, but that knowledge differs from industry to industry. The human nature never changes; therefore the selling process doesn't change either.

How Emerginc can help you achieve more sales?

  1. Go the extra mile: We give customers some reassurance with more and better service than they expect.
  2. Build relationships: Our customers feel that we have their best interest at heart and we understand their needs and problems.
  3. Quality over quantity: We focus on spending more time with high quality prospects and customers. A few good customers are worth more than a lot of low margin, highly demanding customers.
  4. Focused approach: Our approach for your services is focused by not signing up multiple vendors. We prefer to have one good vendor for one service just like the way we prefer to have quality customers over quantity.
  5. Complete Knowledge: We prefer to understand your services completely so that we address customer’s queries and not leave any questions unanswered.

Emerginc would like to extend its marketing and business development services in the services sector. Till now our focus has been restricted to Learning and development sector. We are looking at expanding our partner base in other areas as well. We cater to businesses that deal in B2B segment.