Advanced Excel - Two days workshop - Mumbai

Date : Fri, 3rd Aug, 2018
Price : 10000( (Inclusive of Course Material, Breakfast, Lunch and Coffee/Tea) Early Bird Discounts: Till 20th July: Rs.8000 + 18% GST)
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Venue : Hotel Suba International, Sahar Road, Andheri East
City : Mumbai
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Event Details

Emerginc presents a two-day open workshop on “Advanced Excel” on Friday, 3rd August and Saturday 4th August, 2018 at Hotel Suba International, Mumbai

Increase productivity by using Excel effectively, proficiently and efficiently

It has been observed that everybody in an organization uses Excel, from the receptionist to the MD of the Company though each one's requirement is different. Some people may have the view that the reports are anyway made by secretaries, then why should I bother to learn. Just imagine the plight of the person where some last minute changes (in formula may be) have to be made just before the presentation and the Secretary is absent!!!

Knowing Excel is like having a weapon with you. If you are a Junior, you can impress your peers and seniors with your skill set. On the other hand, you can extract better work from your juniors if you are skilled enough and also be in control of the situation.

People from all fields like Doctors, Pilots, Fund Managers, Bankers, Teachers, etc. definitely have benefited by learning Excel against the popular myth that it is meant for "finance people" only.

People regularly using Excel probably uses 3% of its features. Just using 6% of its utilities will double productivity. Imagine the benefits and the increase in efficiency!!

Common challenges faces by individuals in successfully using Microsoft excel.

Normally due to work pressures and deadlines people do not have the time to think about improving their spreadsheets, learning and using effective techniques etc. They copy paste the formula from earlier reports and prepare their reports without understanding why it is being done. In case there is a slight change in the raw data like a new product is added, an old client is deleted  or an adhoc report is required, they are caught by surprise. 

Learning from the workshop

You will learn,

  • Excel Shortcuts and quick tricks to memorize the commonly used Shortcuts
  • Summarization of Excel data using Pivot Tables, Subtotals
  • Lookup techniques
  • Data cleaning techniques
  • Database functions
  • Charts and dashboards

Who can benefit?

  • Corporate Employees of absolutely any industry
  • Business Owners
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Students

Workshop Sessions: A brief overview

Topics covered in the workshop are:

- Intermediate Excel need to know tips, -Referencing and Naming, - Arithmetic/ formulas, - Logical Functions, - Lookup Techniques ( Vlookup, Hlookup, Index, Match), - Data Validation, - Date calculations, - Sort & Filter, - Subtotal, - Pivot, - Consolidation, - What-if analysis, - Text Functions, - Macros: Recording and writing VBA code -  One example each

Workshop Methodology

Hands on (Practical)

Facilitator’s Profile - Ambarish Tarte:

Ambarish is a Microsoft certified facilitator with more than 7 years of experience in training of Microsoft tools. He carries vast experience in training across various sectors such as Manufacturing, Oil and gas, Pharma, BFSI, BPO, Packaging, Telecom, Automobile, etc. He has been privileged to conduct training for participants of various nationalities like Denmark, UK, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Qatar and a few more. His trainings are largely Interactive with complete hands on practice for the participants. His deep knowledge of the subject and his passion for training make his training highly interactive and participant take away is far greater due to the high level of engagement.

Prior to starting his stint as a trainer, he has worked in the corporate sector for more than 10 years in various industries.

For Registration Contact: 

Ms. Neha Baid on +91 97699 41130 or mail us on

Venue: Hotel Suba International, Sahar Road, Opposite Cigarette Factory, Andheri East, Mumbai, 

Date: Friday, 3rd August, 2018 and Saturday, 4th August, 2013

Timing: 9:00am – 6:00pm 

The investment: Rs. 10,000 + 18% GST (Inclusive of Course Material, Breakfast, Lunch and Coffee/Tea)


Between 5th July and 20th July Rs. 8000 + 18% GST

Corporate Group Discounts – 5% (In case of nominations of 3-5 participants)

Corporate Group Discounts – 10% (In case of nominations of 6 or more participants)